Problems when working with Windows 20003 R2 as the DC

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I've put the file which contains the TCP dumps and logs in

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Subject: Problems when working with Windows 20003 R2 as the DC



We have the following scenario:

*         The DC is a 64 bit Windows 2003 R2 server with SP2.

*         We have a Samba server 3.0.30 which "connects" to this DC.


We face a problem in which we fail to login to our Samba server, due to
some problem of Samba to authenticate the user against the DC:

As it seems NetrLogonSamLogon returns ACCESS_DENIED for some reason, and
we see no problem in the Win2003R2 event log...


The option of enabling Anonymous access to the different pipes on the DC
is set - otherwise, we would have failed joining this domain.

The domain is joined using RPC.

We have tried looking for any other problematic configuration in this DC
without success.


In the attached file you can find:

*         The TCP dump of the domain join and the proper logs.

*         The TCP dump of smbclient and the proper logs.


The issue is that I have a problem sending the tgz due to size
limitation on the mail server. Could you please direct me where could I
put it?


Be aware that the TCP dump may contain duplications, but it is not a
real problem.


We hope that you may have a clue to explain this strange behavior.


Best regards,


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