[SAMBA4] Rename smbd to samba?

Andrew Tridgell tridge at tridgell.net
Mon Jun 30 00:33:58 GMT 2008

Hi Jelmer,

 > > I had this discusion with tridge a few years ago and he wanted to keep
 > > 'smbd'. But for me it would be fine to call it 'samba'.
 > Ah, ok. tridge, do you still prefer keeping the name smbd? 

I don't mind if it is renamed to samba, although perhaps sambad would
be more in line with conventions?

I also think the various config/status utils could do with a
rename. One possible approach would be:

  sambad - main daemon
  samba  - status/config tool. Replacing 'net', 'smbstatus', 'testparm' etc

So admins would run "samba status" to get status. They would run
"samba config show" to do what testparm does.

Cheers, Tridge

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