smbcontrol winbindd debug level

Darshan Purandare darshan.purandare at
Thu Jun 26 22:30:08 GMT 2008



smbcontrol as of now (3.2) doesn't send signal to winbindd children to
change their log levels. I added a functionality in 3.0.24 where
winbindd parent sends a signal to all its children to change their log
levels. It works fine in 3.0.24. The same functionality doesn't work out
of the box in 3.2. In Dec 2006, winbindd functionality was changed with
respect to receiving and dispatching messages for a process. Only one
handler is now permitted per type.  Does this change have any
implications on changing log levels of winbindd children ? 


Can anybody throw some insight into this matter ?




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