[PATCH] Graceful handling of pipe() failure

Marc VanHeyningen marc.vanheyningen at isilon.com
Wed Jun 25 21:04:31 GMT 2008

When a system is under load and low on resources, sometimes new child
smbd processes are unable to create the pipe used in sys_select() for
signaling.  Unfortunately, when this happens the code just calls
smb_panic().  This does clearly indicate where the problem is, but
dumping core seems a bit drastic.

This proposed patch makes sys_select() instead log and return an error
in this case.  I also audited the other places in the code where
sys_select() is called and added error handling to one, in
open_sockets_smbd(), so that it will bail instead of going into a tight
busy loop in the (unlikely) event that pipe() fails here.

Marc @ Isilon
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