Samba4: SamLogonWithFlags on RPCNetlogon

=?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCQD46ahsoQiAbJEJONDtWGyhC?= t-nishizaki at
Wed Jun 25 03:45:25 GMT 2008

Dear Andrew,

> You miss-understand me, and I was unclear.  I would love to set up
> Samba4 in a similar way, and while I can use physical tokens and the 
> dogtag software from, these might be painful to 
> use in a Virtual Machine.  If you have any hints on how I might be 
> able to test without using hardware tokens, I would appreciate it.
I'm sorry but I cannot give you any hints.
I use physical tokens with the software by the token vendor, and my experimental client machine is a real machine.
During the experiment, I insert the token to the machine iteratively.

Takeshi Higashizaki

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