Request for suggestions for Samba 4 development.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue Jun 24 23:22:37 GMT 2008

Or... technical documentation?

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-06-24 at 21:41 +0200, Ramón García wrote:
>> I want to contribute something to Samba 4 development, but I need some
>> help for starting. I have an initial setup: a Samba 4 server built and
>> virtual machines with Windows XP authenticating through it.
>> Can you suggest me any task to start?
> My best suggestion is to find something that you want to have work, but
> does not work.  
> One area that would be well worth working on, if you have an interest in
> it, it nss_winbind and pam_winbind.  They have not had much attention in
> Samba4, and I'm not sure how well they work. 
> If LDAP is you thing, then the LDAP backend (where we use OpenLDAP as a
> database behind Samba4) always needs work, but this is not for the feint
> of heart.
> Michael Adam is working on browsing - perhaps he would like some help?
> We need to change our default ACL modal in Samba4, to use the ACL
> mapping code that Samba3 uses.  Currently we have the best NT ACL
> implementation, but as the kernel is enforcing a different set of
> permissions (a simple mode mask), the worse possible user experience.
> This needs to be fixed, by instead storing the ACL as a posix ACL, and
> having the kernel interpret it. 
> I hope these provide a start.  Feel free to catch up with us on IRC -
> #samba-technical on
> Andrew Bartlett

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