Samba4: SamLogonWithFlags on RPCNetlogon

=?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCQD46ahsoQiAbJEJONDtWGyhC?= t-nishizaki at
Tue Jun 24 10:36:00 GMT 2008

Dear all,

I installed Samba4 alpha4, and now I am trying Windows Smart-Card Logon to Samba4-DC.

I arranged a server and user certificates referring the Heimdal web site.

And now, I am testing Samba's netlogon process.
Samba makes responses to the netlogon requests such as "ServerReqChallnenge", "ServerAuthenticate3", and "LogonGetDomainInfo".
However, when a client windows machine sent a "LogonSamLogonWithFlags" request to the samba DC, it did not make a response.

In my smbd.log, I found the following message:
ndr_pull_error(2): Bad switch value 4

And I found that this message was generated in the function "ndr_pull_netr_LogonLevel()" called by the function "ndr_pull_netr_LogonSamLogonWithFlags()" in "librpc/gen_ndr/ndr_netlogon.c".
In the logon-level function, there is not "case 4".
I copied "case 6" part to "case 4" part, but it did not work well.

Would you please give me some advice?

Best regards

Takeshi Higashizaki

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