ACL problem with NFSv4 and DELETE_ACCESS

Nicolas Dorfsman ndorfsman at
Tue Jun 24 04:28:25 GMT 2008

	Hi Volker,

Le 18 juin 08 à 11:52, Volker Lendecke a écrit :
> Just found in the SUN docs of the acl(2) system call that is
> evolving or uncommitted. This is really brillant, because
> according to their docs it means:
>> No commitment is made about either source or binary
>> compatibility of these interfaces from one Minor release to
>> the next. Even the drastic incompatible change of removal of
>> the interface in a Minor release is possible.
> Can we use this AT ALL?

man -s5 attributes extract :


          An Evolving interface may eventually become Standard  or
          Stable but is still in transition.

          Sun will make reasonable efforts to ensure compatibility
          with  previous  releases as it evolves. When non-upwards
          compatible changes become necessary, they will occur  in
          minor  and  major releases; such changes will be avoided
          in micro releases whenever possible. If such a change is
          necessary,  it  will  be documented in the release notes
          for the affected release, and when  feasible,  Sun  will
          provide migration aids for binary compatibility and con-
          tinued source development.

Are you still afraid ?

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