Generating krb5.keytab

Sergey Yanovich ynvich at
Thu Jun 19 08:17:47 GMT 2008

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-06-19 at 02:11 +0300, Sergey Yanovich wrote:
>> Thanks for the links. Did I understand correctly, that OpenLDAP backend 
>> is important mostly as a replication facility?
> Yes.  Also very interesting is Fedora DS, which has multi-master
> replication.  While I've talked about OpenLDAP, we are not wedded to a
> particular LDAP backend, just any backend that implements what we need.

If multi-master (or -peer) replication is suitable, MySQL also has 
cluster database engine. From what I've heard about AD, it is a forest 
of multiple sites (trees), each tree has a single authoritative KDC, 
optional backups, and a global catalog, which is a partial slave replica 
of all trees in the forest. My impression was, this is better of with 
master-slave replication.

>> MySQL has exceptional master-slave replication. I'll focus on MySQL 
>> back-end for ldb for now.
> Then do look at the sqlite3 backend.  
> Perhaps you could explain again why you need the MySQL backend?  I would
> not expect a ldb_mysql to have a useful table layout for anything else
> to read/write...

The goal is simple as stated in that presentation: "One account for one 
person". Accounting package requires an industrial grade RDBMS, and 
MySQL is the most suitable FOSS implementation. Even though, it doesn't 
provide built-in row-level access control, so I am going to implement 
that. To satisfy one-for-one objective, my implementation should extend 
domain management database. Samba4 is very promising as cross-platform 
domain controller. So I should figure out, how to put Samba4 database 
into MySQL.

Thanks again for your time, Andrew. I still hope I will be able provide 
something in return :-)

Sergey Yanovich

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