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Michael Adam ma at sernet.de
Mon Jun 16 10:50:27 GMT 2008

Hi Per,

per at norhex.com wrote:
> Hello
> Appologies I might be contacting the wrong person here

I CC-ing the reply to the samba-technical mailing list.
It is the right place to ask such questions.
The right people are listening there. :-)

> but I am wunderng if you the samba site needs some more space
> or another mirror, I have a server
> in the US and I would gladly provide free space if you guys should need
> some.

Thanks for your offer, I am not aware of our current needs,
but I suspect more mirrors are always welcome. The right people
will reply to this mail...

When you have some CPU cycles to spare (most interestingly on
a not so common UNIX-like OS or on non-standard-pc hardware),
then you might consider adding a machine to our build farm
(http://build.samba.org) to perform builds and test runs of
current samba code.

> Kind regards
> Per Qvindesland

Cheers -  Michael

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