Samba 4 compilation error

Tiago Batista tiagosbatista at
Sat Jun 14 00:22:43 GMT 2008


Tonight, when compiling I got the following error:

Compiling smbd/process_model.c
smbd/process_model.c: In function 'process_model_init':
smbd/process_model.c:87: error: 'process_model_thread_init' undeclared
(first use in this function) smbd/process_model.c:87: error: (Each
undeclared identifier is reported only once smbd/process_model.c:87:
error: for each function it appears in.) The following command failed:
gcc         -Ilib/talloc -Ilib/replace
process_model_prefork_init, process_model_thread_init,
process_model_single_init,NULL" -fPIC -I./include -I. -I./lib
-I./lib/replace -I./lib/talloc -D_SAMBA_BUILD_=4 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -c
smbd/process_model.c -o smbd/process_model.o

I applied the attached patch and it compiled, that was all the testing
I did. If it matters, I ran ./configure --with-pthreads.

Please take a look and see if this is really a fix, there is always the
chance I messed up my compilation!

On an unrelated note, when doing git-diff, I got some changes on 
source/heimdal/lib/asn1/lex.c, given that this file is generated by
flex, should it be under source control?


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