samba packet lenght?

atul_s s s_atul2001 at
Fri Jun 13 10:55:02 GMT 2008

Hi All,

I was looking at the samba code and in that there is function in util_sock.c file:

read_smb_length_return_keepalive(int fd, char *inbuf, unsigned int timeout)

it basically reads the data from the socket and then computes the lenght as.

len = smb_len(inbuf);

smb_len is a macro which computes the lenght using 3 bytes.

My question is if i am running samba over netbios(on Port 445) then does it denotes the length of samba packet?also will it be different for DCE/RPC i mean will it uses the same 3 bytes to compute the lenght of the packet as it does in this netbios case?

Thanks for any help.

Atul Sharma

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