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Sun Jun 1 20:03:24 GMT 2008



We have a setup with Windows 2003 domain controller and file shares on Samba
3.0.28 hosted on Solaris. We use Windows group policy for folder redirection
and simple scripts to map drives based on group permission. To explain it
further, we redirect all contents of "My Documents" to users home directory
on Samba. So whenever user saves files to "My Documents" it is automatically
saved on that users home directory.  Also,  a simple script with "if" person
is a member of group A, map drives G and "if" person is member of group A
and B , map drives G and H.


We are in the process of decommissioning our old Samba Sever and we want to
do folder redirection to the new Samba server. It appears folder redirection
works well to the new samba location. But we noticed contents of that user's
home directory  on old Samba server gets deleted by some process. Have
anybody in the list witnessed such a behavior? Any suggestions to narrow it
down will be highly appreciated.


Thanks much

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