assoc_group_id in dcesrv_bind()

=?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCQD46ahsoQiAbJEJONDtWGyhC?= t-nishizaki at
Wed Jul 30 01:36:54 GMT 2008

> There is, see the DCE/RPC spec from the open group.
> However, the quick answer is that while we don't support association
> groups, Windows Vista clients refuse to connect if we do not supply one.
> In the current GIT tree we have changed the check, to allow 0x12345678
> at this check.  (A client actually trying to use this feature will of
> course fail, but at least SCHANNEL binds can again proceed).
> Once we get some other Vista join bugs sorted (chasing down some GSSAPI
> issues currently) we will issue another alpha with this corrected.  In
> the meantime, if you can try the GIT tree, it should work again.
Thank you for your advice.
I will try the current GIT tree.
And I have a Vista PC. So I would like to make it a samba client.


Takeshi Higashizaki

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