setting up logging in executables that link to samba libraries

Steve French smfrench at
Thu Jul 24 20:58:31 GMT 2008

Am having trouble setting up the cifs.upcall program to log to samba
logs (/usr/local/samba33/var/log.*)
Apparently the following is not enough to get debug(0, ... messages to log.

     setup_logging(argv[0], false);

I did a quick test by checking lp_loaded's value after these lines and
it shows as false.  What sets lp_loaded to true?  Am I missing an init
step.   This runs in the background (launched by keyctl daemon) so
would be nice to be able to log the samba client lib calls it invokes
(wasn't able to get the samba client lib calls to log to syslog either
with the ./configure --with-syslog and smb.conf having "syslog = 10").

Any idea if there is a missing setup call that an executable needs to
do before enabling logging?



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