Samba online man pages, smb.conf

Thomas Bork tombork at
Tue Jul 22 19:06:42 GMT 2008


there is something wrong with the online man pages of parameters from 
smb.conf, look at

The first part is missing (name of the parameter with section - global 
or share).


     Default: acl map full control = True

              <----------- missing '       add group script (G)'

     This is the full pathname to a script that will be run AS ROOT by 
smbd(8) when a new group is requested. It will expand any %g to the 
group name passed. This script is only useful for installations using 
the Windows NT domain administration tools. The script is free to create 
a group with an arbitrary name to circumvent unix group name 
restrictions. In that case the script must print the numeric gid of the 
created group on stdout.

     Default: add group script =

     Example: add group script = /usr/sbin/groupadd %g

              <----------- missing '       add machine script (G)'

     This is the full pathname to a script that will be run by smbd(8) 
when a machine is added to Samba's domain and a Unix account matching 
the machine's name appended with a "$" does not already exist.

The link for the 'tarball of the daily docs build' is also not correct:

Not Found
The requested URL /~samba-bugs/docs/samba-docs-latest.tar.bz2 was not 
found on this server.

der tom

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