Fwd: [samba4] unable to open/save/create MS office documents with office2007 (and previous version?)

Olivier Salamin olivier.salamin at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 17:41:28 GMT 2008

Good morging,

after some research it seems that the problem (copying or saving files
bigger than 254K on a samba4 share) only affects windows vista (I tested it
with two computer running windows vista business without sp1)

The server work fine with windows XP.

Any chance to get that fixed anytime soon (as it refrain from testing samba4
with windows vista...)?

Anyway thanks a lot for your great job!,

2008/7/16 Olivier Salamin <olivier.salamin at gmail.com>:

>  The goods news is that the patch provided by Andrew works!
> the bad news is that I can only save files that are smaller than 255K to
> the samba4 share.
> Attached you will find two wireshark traces. The first one shows the trace
> I get when I try to save a word document that is smaller than 255K (the size
> of the doc is exactly 254K) to the samba shre
> the second trace shows the result I get when I try to save a word doc that
> is bigger than 254K to the same share.
> After some tests I noticed that the problem occurs every time I try to save
> or copy a file that is bigger than 254 to the samba share. I doesn't matter
> wich kind of file I try to copy (mp3, doc, docx,...)
> Regards,
> Olivier

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