Samba 3.2.0

Michael Adam ma at
Fri Jul 11 11:21:35 GMT 2008


this *looks* (even thoug I cannot reproduce it) as if 
the smbd target rules are combined with the nmbd target,
probably due to your @WINBIND_LIBS@ being empty (you
are not building the libwbclient shared lib apparently).

Please test if concatenating the last two lines of the smbd
target in helps (see attached patch).
running ./config.status and then make should be enough to test.

If that does not help, we need more info.

Cheers - Michael

Weinert, Ralf wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> compiling your new Samba version (3.2.0) ends with an error.
> there is a file at the end of the e-mail that contains all outputs of the configue and make command.
> The maschine, on which I tried to compile, is a  HP-UX 9000/785/C3600 running with the system software HP-UX B.11.11
> Maybe you find out what going wrong. Thanks for your help
> Best regards
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