How to process schemaUpdateNow ldap request

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Tue Jul 8 18:17:19 GMT 2008

Hi Anatoliy,

> I implemented the dsdb_create_prefix_mapping function and added code to handle schemaUpdateNow in rootdse (attachment). I used ldb_extended() and added new operation for it. 
> The call to ldb_extended() never reached the schema_fsmo_extended(). 
> The returned error is "Unable to find backend operation for extended". And the module variable in rootdse_modify() doesn't contain in its list the schema_fsmo module.

Please keep the both patches separate and send them as .txt files,
so that they're readable within the mail.

Also please use tabs instead of whitespaces
also use if (bla) instead of if ( bla )

Now about the dsdb_create_prefix_mapping():

- Why didn't you follow the comments I added to the stub function?

- This function should only change the on disk value.

- It should not modify the schema->prefixes array!

- You need to read the on disk value first then
  check that the mapping doesn't already exist
  in the on disk version.

- If it's not already in the on disk version
  then you need to add a new mapping only to the on disk

About the schemaUpdateNow patch:

- You need to let partition_extended() forward the operation
  to the schema partition.

- First just get it to the stage where the extended op arrive in
  the schema_fsmo module, then we can really implement it as a 2nd step.


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