[PATCH 1/1] Add talloc_memdup_type

simo idra at samba.org
Fri Jul 4 15:47:05 GMT 2008

On Fri, 2008-07-04 at 10:57 +0100, Amin Azez wrote:
> talloc_memdup is all very fine, but is useless for cloning structs
> that are type-checked using talloc_get_type.
> talloc_memdup_type is like talloc_memdup except it preserves the name
> on the new allocation

talloc_memdup is meant to copy just an anonymous region of memory.

I would call your new function talloc_dup() instead.
That would make it clear you are duplicating a full talloc context,
although I guess that may let people wonder if you also should become
parent (via references) of the original talloc context children or not.

This would have to be clearly documented.


Simo Sorce
Samba Team GPL Compliance Officer <simo at samba.org>
Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat Inc. <ssorce at redhat.com>

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