[PATCH] Revised: OneFS build issues for Samba 3.2

Zachary Loafman zachary.loafman at isilon.com
Fri Jul 4 06:46:40 GMT 2008

Ignore the ones below. Better patches attached.

The first two are configure changes:
0001 - Check for f_frsize when you find statvfs.
0002 - Adds an --enable-picky-developer to add -Werror for those of that
really, really don't like warnings. (BTW, thank you so very much for
getting 3.2 to compile as clean as it does, it was a real pain getting
3.0 to compile with -Werror.) If you don't like this change, I'll
happily just make sure it's a CFLAG for us, but I'd like to encourage
people to be pickier.

The next two couple be merged or stays separate:
0003 - Fixes various general warnings. The only potentially
objectionable one here is the iconv() change. If you wish, I can add a
configure test for whether the second argument of iconv() is properly
constified (on BSD it is, but presumably whoever added the (char **)
cast has a platform where it is not), but given that we wrap it
immediately and then don't use the native iconv elsewhere, it seems fine
to (void *) it.
0004 - Fixes some warnings that I'm pretty sure are specific to FreeBSD.
Our 6.1 based system has reboot defined in unistd, so any variable using
the name tickles -Wshadow, similarly for tcp_seq.

After these, I can build without warnings on our platform, yay.


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> Attached are patches for two build issues that occurred when
> to build Samba 3.2 on one of our nodes. We're roughly FreeBSD 6.1
> so I wouldn't be surprised if they appeared there as well.

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