pbd modules init

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Wed Jul 2 14:35:59 GMT 2008

Hi all,

i've bounced into some problem with samba 3.2.0
currently i'm the pdbsql maintainer and i'm trying to make
the pdbsql backend to work against the 3.2.0 version

so far so good. i had a working version against the rc2
but ever since the release, the backend crashes.

---- snip ---
Attempting to register passdb backend tdbsam
Successfully added passdb backend 'tdbsam'
Attempting to find an passdb backend to match mysql:mysql (mysql)
No builtin backend found, trying to load plugin
Probing module 'mysql'
Probing module 'mysql': Trying to load from 
Error trying to resolve symbol 'init_samba_module' in 
/usr/local/samba/lib/pdb/mysql.so: /usr/local/samba/lib/pdb/mysql.so: 
undefined symbol: init_samba_module
No builtin nor plugin backend for mysql found
PANIC (pid 8135): pdb_get_methods_reload: failed to get pdb methods for 
backend mysql:mysql

BACKTRACE: 7 stack frames:
 #0 smbd(log_stack_trace+0x2d) [0x82b1f74]
 #1 smbd(smb_panic+0x80) [0x82b20d1]
 #2 smbd [0x82621b3]
 #3 smbd(initialize_password_db+0x24) [0x8264b0e]
 #4 smbd(main+0x97a) [0x8501f2f]
 #5 /lib/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xe6) [0x28e5d6]
 #6 smbd [0x809dc01]
dumping core in /usr/local/samba/var/cores/smbd
Aborted (core dumped)
[root at green samba]#
--- snip -----

as you can see, there is an error in the init_samba_module part.
question is, what did you change between the rc2 and actual release ?!?!

Greets, Collen

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