Samba inotify events

Richard Henwood richard.henwood at
Wed Jul 2 10:43:53 GMT 2008

Hi Folks,

I'm deploying a Samba (3.0.24-6etch10) server into an environment where 
users will copy files onto it. When a file arrives, I make a backup copy  
out of sight.

To achieve this, I'm watching inotify events.

Samba generates a flurry of them for all the event types I have watched.
For example:
rm file over samba (smbclient) produces:  OPEN,ISDIR  then 
on the file system directly, rm products: DELETE

In addition, an identical file transfer will produce unpredictable, 
repeated events.

I can understand that Samba performs housekeeping through the OS so more 
file events may be observed. Unpredictable, repeated events, are a pain 

Are there any configuration tweaks which may help improve the 
predictability of the events I observe through Samba?

Thanks for your time;

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