Kerberos 5 and NTLMv2 without SPNEGO?

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Jul 2 07:53:21 GMT 2008

Luke Howard schrieb:
>> I was able to get raw NTLMSSP w/ NTLMv2 and raw Kerberos 5 working.
>> Hopefully it will work reliably with all the major servers.
> That's a fair concern, given that a lot of server implementations were
> built from packet traces or incomplete documentation. NetApp, for
> example, do not support big-endian PACs (and neither does Samba unless
> that has been fixed recently).

when was that fixed in samba? I don't think we support big-endian PACs
in samba4 and I didn't see a related commit in samba3.

What server will ever create a big-endian PAC?


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