Samba-4 fresh compile, /usr/local/samba/var/lib missing?

Scott Lovenberg scott.lovenberg at
Tue Jul 1 09:35:35 GMT 2008

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-07-01 at 03:09 -0400, Scott Lovenberg wrote:
>> Andrew Bartlett wrote: 
>>> On Mon, 2008-06-30 at 22:37 -0400, Scott Lovenberg wrote:
>>>> Can anyone else confirm what I'm seeing?  I ran through a full compile, 
>>>> but upon starting smbd, I get:
>>>> <quote>
>>>> error creating directory /usr/local/samba/var/lib/winbindd_privileged: 
>>>> No such file or directory
>>>> task_server_terminate: [Cannot create winbindd privileged pipe directory]
>>>> </quote>
>>>> Turns out, I don't have a lib directory! 
>>>> If I make the directory, the error goes away.  Anyone else seeing this?
>>> Clearly I didn't do much testing before I pushed out alpha5.  Just mkdir
>>> that directory for now, I'll have the 'make install' do it in future.
>>> Andrew Bartlett
>> No worries.  Just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one. 
>> Other than that, it built from source and has been running like a
>> champ for a few hours now.  Cheers!
> Just wondering, are you doing anything interesting with it?  I always
> like to know how people are using Samba4, as it gives me a better idea
> what to focus on.
> Andrew Bartlett
Well, not interesting to most people, but it's kind of a pet project of 
mine.  If I show you where I'm going, it might make some sense :)

Between semesters I came to a realization that between work (I'm an 
intern 'tech guy' at a local company), school (software development 
major), and hobbies (read: personal code projects), I use somewhere 
around five computers and as many OSes on any given day.  Each with a 
different set of credentials and interfaces, settings, etc.  I'm sure 
you're painfully aware of what I'm talking about.  I've got data flying 
in every direction and on my gmail and about three USB drives. I'm 
trying to keep everything in sync and miserably failing, at that.  So, I 
decided that my 'mission' is to get myself setup with a Single Sign On, 
one ring (cert) to rule them all.

So, I've got a 'mock up' of my server (I'm running it on an old Duron 
900 until I have cash for something iron-ish) in vmware that I push to a 
subversion server when I piece together anything that doesn't blow up in 
my face, and 'revert to snapshot' otherwise.  I've actually got my 
network all rigged up as virtual machines.

To get to the heart of the matter, what I'm doing now is using the LDAP 
base samba provides as a base to apply other metadata to.  Since I've 
got Windows profiles working, I'm going to try to lay Posix accounting 
data on top of the users and groups.  After having all user data and 
group data, then it's just about latching services to that 
authentication/authorization core.  Email clients, putty, firefox on my 
LAN, databases, address books, etc.  Samba4 becomes a no brainer when 
Windows services and objects have tidied themselves away under the guise 
of AD.  Might as well kill two birds with one stone if you're going to 
have to integrate samba to openLDAP anyways.  I mean, anything that cuts 
the problem in half starts off as a logarithmic equation from the start :)

At the moment Samba-4 is just the most efficient prototyping and base 
building tool that I have at my disposal.  In the future, it just 
shoehorns itself to a core service to be interfaced from every avenue.  
If I suddenly have more data to hold on to, and it belongs to a person, 
place, or thing, it goes in the directory.  If I lose another power 
supply and it takes my system with it, I've got all my non application 
data and credentials waiting for as soon as I can get something running 
and join the domain again.  And, if I'm tracking it correctly, it should 
be released by the time I have some hardware to put it on.  *I'll put my 
money on March next year*

So far, it's more than met my needs for proof of concept type stuff, and 
I really like the direction it's headed in.  The intersection of 
LDAP(protocol and service!), X500 DITs, and Windows makes the learning 
curve so incredibly high just to get something mostly working (not to 
mention all the things you learn in proxy... like what the neon library 
is for!), the thing I like most about Samba4 is that I have a starting 
point from whence to break it and figure out what all the buttons do.  
Setting up the kit from the ground up never gave me any indication as to 
how close I was to having it all working.  I think I said, "that should 
do it!" a dozen times the other night, only to realize I had forgotten 
to install the nss_ldap package I compiled!  Then I had a new kind of 
error, and it sounded much worse than the previous one.

Please, keep up the great work!  I hope this rambling has been of some use.

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