prefix_map module add operation fails to modify schema

Anatoliy Atanasov anatoliy.atanasov at
Tue Jul 1 09:19:06 GMT 2008

Hi metze,

The approach we have implemented aims to emulate Windows behavior, where the Schema cache is updated after modification upon receipt of a schemaUpdateNow request. Initially we intended to implement a much simpler solution, but at SambaXP after some discussion with abartlet decided that
Windows behavior should be incorporated in samba. 

If we do not support the schemaUpdateNow request, a lot of DEA will not be able to be installed. 
I agree that we can go with your implementation and it's much simpler than what I've done. If there are no other comments I'll implement it right away.


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Hi Anatoliy,

> I have implemented a module to update the prefixMap schema attribute in the ldb. 
> This is needed when we receive add request for an object class or attribute with id that doesn't have mapping in the prefixMap.
> There is a problem with the code; I couldn't make the ldb_modify function to actually apply the new prefixMap in the schema. 
> The returned value is 0, and after I restart the smbd and read the prefixMap in prefix_map_init function, the added id is

A few things:

- The coding style doesn't match the rest of samba, please read

- Your approach is a bit to complicated

Can you try to work based on the attached patch,
apply it with 'git am' on top of origin/v4-0-test


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