[2.6 patch] remove smbfs

Guenter Kukkukk linux at kukkukk.com
Wed Jan 30 20:52:51 GMT 2008

Am Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2008 schrieb Steve French:
> I have mounted to Windows98 a few months ago with no problems (other
> than a few restrictions like you can't set the file times via utimes).
>  For mounts to Windows98 note that you have to specify the server
> netbios name on the mount (since it is not the same as the DNS name).
> In your example your would need to specify "servernetbiosname=WIN98"
> in the mount options (until mount.cifs autoretries with
> servernetbiosname assumed to be the beginning of the UNC name - note
> that later servers have a dummy netbios name that is used so this
> mount option is only needed for OS/2 and Win9x).
> I will try mounts to Windows98 again.

being not able to set the file times via utimes is a _major_
missing feature in cifs, so

  cp -p /client/file /server

does not work regarding servers like win9x/me and os/2.
The source time stamps are not transfered to the server!
The current local time on the server is set instead for
all time stamps. 
The reason is a missing implementation of legacy versions of

I had that already working months ago, but it never made it
upstream ...

Possibly we could give it a 2nd try?

Cheers, Günter

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