[SAMBA 4] Status

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Tue Jan 29 13:17:16 GMT 2008

The build farm for Samba 4 has been failing for the last couple of

I've disabled the python provision metze added in the net-become-dc
test. For some reason, removing the dependency on LIBPYTHON of the
TORTURE_NET subsystem fixed the CFLAGS for LIBPYTHON itself (which now
compiles fine again). That in itself is weird, and metze's changes look
fine, so this is yet another instance of the build system acting up. 

At least some hosts appear to be compiling fine again now.

On those that do, the following tests appear to be failing:

 * samba4.blackbox.kinit 
 * samba4.blackbox.provision.py
 * samba4.blackbox.upgrade
 * samba4.ldap.python

Andrew, any chance you can have a look at the kinit failure? I'll see if
I can fix the other three.

I hope to continue working on the (g)make patch and the python support
again tomorrow.


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