[PATCH] Joining a Windows Server 2008 (Longhorn)

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Jan 28 17:08:46 GMT 2008

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> ok.  More details.  I'm beginning to agree with Andreas that this
> has to be a system lib issue.
> * openSUSE 10.3 works
> * FC8 fails
> * Ubuuntu 7.10 fails
> * Ubuntu 8.04 test releases work
> Copying the net binary from the openSUSE build to the FC 8
> still fails.  The packet traces appear to be identical.
> Excpet the SetUserInfo25 call fails obviously.  And since that
> is encrypted, it's impossible to compare.  So back to gdb,
> Time to start figuring out which library it is the root problem.

Pretty sure this has to do with the advertized enc types and
the one selected by the DC.    The successful TGS reply on
openSUSE client uses RC4-HMAC.  But on the failed cases,
the TGS reply is using AES.  I think we are just not handling
the user session correctly with AES.  But I'm still looking.

cheers, jerry

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