Bug in lookupname_recv() in nsswitch/winbindd_async.c in v3-0-stable and v3-0-test, wrong pointer conversion?

Bo Yang boyang at novell.com
Mon Jan 28 13:26:40 GMT 2008

Hi, All:
        It is not necessarily lookupname_recv be wrong, it can be winbindd_getgroups().

        winbindd_lookupname_async() is invoked in three place --- winbindd_group.c, winbindd_sid.c and winbindd_user.c,
In winbindd_user.c and winbindd_sid.c, the private_data is passed to lookupname_recv as struct winindd_cli_state *,
But int winbindd_group.c, it is passed as struct getgroups_state * ......
        Thus when winbindd process GETGROUPS request, the pointer is converted from (struct getgroups_state *) to
(struct winbindd_cli_state *), It can not be right, I think.

       I am not sure how to fix it yet.

       Please give some advice



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