Solaris 9 SPARC samba-3.0.27a Everyone ACL Problems

davidholder at davidholder at
Sun Jan 27 08:49:49 GMT 2008

> On Jan 26, 2008 11:02 AM,  <davidholder at> wrote:
>> Whatever I do on a WindowsXP client results in Everyone's permissions
>> returning to Full Control (as soon as I press the Apply button).
> This is surprising.  Could you try the latest git for 3.0.28?  Jeremy
> just checked in a bunch of ACL inheritance code fixes, and I would
> have expected certain cases would result in increased permissions (bug
> 4929), but not quite this much.  Curious, though, what were your perms
> for everyone in the parent dir?
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> Jim McDonough
> Samba Team
> jmcd at samba dot org

We set the permissions on the parent directory to various settings
including rwxrwxrwx+. Also, we tested this as a domain user with
administrator privileges that was mapped to root (uid 0 & gid 0).

I forgot to mention that I could not recreate this problem using the same
source code and configuration on a Solaris 9 x86 installation. The machine
with the problem is SPARC 64 (a v490).

I will make arrangements to try 3.0.28. The machine is in a live
environment so this might not be quick. I'll take a look at bug 4929 too.


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