Solaris 9 SPARC samba-3.0.27a Everyone ACL Problems

davidholder at davidholder at
Sat Jan 26 16:02:16 GMT 2008


This Samba server is a member server of a Windows Server 2003 AD domain.

Has anyone experienced problems with setting the permissions for Everyone?

Whatever I do on a WindowsXP client results in Everyone's permissions
returning to Full Control (as soon as I press the Apply button).

I can assign any permissions I wish to other users and groups, including
adding a variety of users and groups to the ACL with differing

I can change other's permissions from the command line with chmod or
setfacl and they stick until I return to Windows properties. If I press OK
or Apply Everyone's permissions return to Full Control.

The smb.conf has worked previously on Solaris 8 for a couple of years
without problems. Hmmm!

I can get debug's traces etc if required. Does this sound like a bug?

On both machines we also built OpenLDAP, Kerberos, OpenSSL from scratch
prior to compiling Samba. The old machine (Solaris 8) is also SPARC but is
using Samba 3.0.20a.


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