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James Peach jpeach at
Sat Jan 19 03:34:30 GMT 2008

On 18/01/2008, at 7:56 AM, Volker Lendecke wrote:

> Hi!
> Attached find my current streams patch. It includes an
> additional module that is based heavily on James Peach's
> darwin module which stores streams in posix xattrs.

This is cool. It would let me dump the xattr code from the  
darwin_streams module.

You should just use SMB_VFS_* macros rather than the SMB_VFS_NEXT_*  
macros unless you are actually overriding the operation, eg.  
streams_xattr_unlink should call SMB_VFS_REMOVEXATTR, not  

I think that you ought to bring across the case clobbering and the  
code that separates xattrs-that-are-storing-streams from regular xattrs.

> Might be
> one option, next to the streams_depot module which has other
> compromises.

For one thing, backup tools are more likely to preserce xattrs.

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