default to tdbsam?

Steve Langasek vorlon at
Wed Jan 16 21:27:07 GMT 2008

On Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 11:38:41PM +0300, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
> Volker Lendecke пишет:
>> On Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 11:06:21PM +0300, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
>>> The only concern I have is how to handle upgrades in distributions.
>>> It looks like there will be need to write preinstall scripts while
>>> old testparm is yet in the system and we can 'reliably' detect that
>>> old setup was indeed with smbpasswd. After new testparm is in
>>> system we'll lose this 'default setting' info.

>> Just tried "pdbedit -i smbpasswd -e tdbsam" and it worked fine.

>> Sure, this is indeed an issue. But when should we do it, if not now?
>> I mean, I could live with smbpasswd as the default forever, but I
>> think tdbsam is just the better choice.
> I'm all with you on this feature. Let's put a large TODO somewhere to
> develop sample %prein scripts at least for supported RPM and
> corresponding .deb rules in packaging/ before final release.

Unless the Debian packaging/ tree has diverged substantially from when I
last looked, it's already using tdbsam as the default for some time.

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