Are the smbldap-tools orphaned?

Alexander Bokovoy ab at
Wed Jan 16 16:38:01 GMT 2008

Gerald (Jerry) Carter пишет:
> simo wrote:
>> It seem like Tournier Jérôme (Idealix) has moved them here in May
>> 2007:
>> But in the commit list archives there seem not to be a single
>> message. There is something in the tech list, but the last message
>> is from Nov 15 and unanswered.
>> Maybe Jerome can tell if he plans to actually maintain these
>> scripts or he dropped. Unfortunately I couldn't find an email
>> address to contact him.
> Hmmm.....So what should we do?  Include them in the 3.2.0pre2 release
> and give a few more days for a response?  Replace them? If so with
> what ?
I'd suggest to include them in the 3.2.0pre2 and announce in release
notes that smbldap-tools are going to be dropped unless there will be a

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