PATCH samba cache and read-ahead

Amin Azez azez at
Mon Jan 14 12:30:29 GMT 2008

* Jelmer Vernooij wrote, On 11/01/08 15:00:
> You can use pidl to generate a template for rpc_proxy.c:
> $ ./pidl/pidl --template -- librpc/idl/proxy.idl >
> rpc_server/proxy/rpc_proxy.c
I notice "pidl --template" spits out a load of "static void" functions,
yet rpc_echo.c (as an example) actually uses "static NT_STATUS" functions.

I suppose it's because of the literal interpretation of idl file
conflicting with samba's rpc implementation. Does it only affect rpc
over smb, or over tcp too?


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