Samba3 VFS: Opaque vs. Transparent.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Fri Jan 11 16:27:01 GMT 2008

For those with Samba3 VFS experience:

I am trying to wrap my brain around the workings of Opaque vs. Transparent
functions.  So far, I understand that calling SMB_VFS_NEXT_XXXX() is also
involved in the opaque/transparent question.

Here's what I don't yet understand:  What effect does setting
SMB_VFS_LAYER_TRANSPARENT have on VFS function behavior.  What different
effect does SMB_VFS_LAYER_OPAQUE have?  In other words, what (internal)
changes to these flags enforce?

Any information on the workings of the other flags would also be of interest
to me.

I await responses with baited keyboard.

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