PATCH samba cache and read-ahead

Amin Azez azez at
Fri Jan 11 15:41:02 GMT 2008

* Jelmer Vernooij wrote, On 11/01/08 15:31:
> There is an explanation in prog_guide.txt in the root of the Samba 4 git
> tree. 
> Examples of binding strings could be : ncalrpc:,
> ncacn_ip_tcp: or ncacn_np:SOMEHOST.

What it is to read something missing out the bits I don't need, and then
not reading it again cos I already read it!

I guess I want to use ncacn_np, then, I suppose:


will be the binding I use. It seems like GUID's are not part of the
binding? It seems to make the GUID redundant given that I specify the
pipe name. (Or do I?)

Can the remote server make rpc calls over the same connection?
Can the client register callbacks over the RPC, which the remote server
can issue periodically?



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