libsmbclient - setxattr sometimes corrupts conext

Henrik henke at
Thu Jan 10 13:48:50 GMT 2008

10 jan 2008 kl. 13.57 skrev Derrell Lipman:

> On Jan 10, 2008 7:15 AM, Henrik <henke at> wrote:
>> BTW I've noticed that you can't change the MODE on files/folders to  
>> 0x00
>> with smbc_setxattr. So there is no way of removing an attribute if  
>> you do
>> not replace it. Is this also a bug or?
>> If so, I'll post a new one.
> Hmmm...  I think that a value of zero in this code means "don't change
> this attribute".  OTOH, changing the mode to 0x00 doesn't remove an
> attribute, it sets permissions for no access.  Maybe I'm not
> understanding what you're trying to do, though.

Ahh, but how would I go about if I want to clear all attributes?
Let say I have a file with dos_attr HIDDEN set (0x02). How would you  
remove that?


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