Donating some cycles to the build farm

Scott Lovenberg scott.lovenberg at
Thu Jan 10 02:43:06 GMT 2008

Neal A. Lucier wrote:
> Michael Adam wrote:
>> Neal A. Lucier wrote:
>> I think a Solaris 11 would be interesting.
>> OpenSolaris too.
>> Preferably with the native solaris cc compiler.
>> SPARC platform as well as Intel.
> By Solaris 11 I mean OpenSolaris, it return 5.11 in uname now.  Sun's cc 
> is free now, and Solaris 10 & 11 ship with a gcc.  I don't have an 
> explicitly spare x86 box at this time.  Though if Solaris 10/x86[-64] or 
> OpenSolaris/x86[-64] are wanted hosts, we cycle through enough gear that 
> some should be available soon.
>> I would like to have a Solaris box with a zfs file system building
>> the zfs acl module.
> I have ~30 UltraSPARC II boxes, Sun Blade 100, sitting on a shelf 
> waiting for me to fill out the form to send them to salvage, with 
> another ~30 being thrown out in the next month or two.
> If you wanted some distcc hosts as well as a test ctdb environment I 
> have more than enough spare equipment sitting around to host this.  
> Adding an additional IDE drive dedicated to ZFS would also be very doable.
>>> I could provide Solaris 8/9/10/11 and Ubuntu on SPARC.
>> Linux on SPARC is also interesting, isn't it?
> I think so.  The last time I ran Linux on SPARC was in 1997 on an IPX 
> and it would kernel panic after a non-gui login and 30 minutes of a 
> client telnet session.
> It seems that OpenSolaris/SPARC and Ubuntu/SPARC would be of interest in 
> the build farm.  If someone explicitly says "yes, we want X in the build 
> farm", then I can start setting up the machines.
> Neal
I can cover OpenSolaris on x86 (Prescott w/ HT, FWIW) if Neal has it on 
the SPARC end; I've got the developers edition DVD, so it should have 
the entire suite of compilers, etc.  Off the top of my head I'm going to 
say it's around build 64 or 68. Say the word and I'll put it up.  I've 
also played with zfs this summer, and it is _really_ cool; I sure 
wouldn't mind running it again ;).

Neal, if you're going to be tossing some old SPARC boxes, could you send 
one or two to me if I paid shipping?  I love playing with tech., but 
SPARC boxes are somewhat outside my intern salary :).

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