Windows doesn't show Samba group names, only SIDs

Danilo Godec danilo.godec at
Wed Jan 9 12:47:33 GMT 2008


I have a problem with Samba / LDAP running on SLES-9. This has been running well
for a while until this week - now Windows workstations don't show group names
anymore (editing Access Rights, for example, shows a list of group SIDs instead).

I checked whether some software was updated - and in deed it was. OpenLDAP and
Samba were both updated two weeks ago - unfortunately nobody can confirm whether
the problem occured only after the update.

I guess I could try and revert to older versions of SuSE packages but I thought
I'd ask here first - maybe it's trivial and I'm just blind...

More info about the system:

SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 (i586) SP4

 Thanks, Danilo

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