Group Policy - Network Path Not Found - Samba 4

Adam McCarthy zeroonetwothree at
Tue Jan 8 15:20:44 GMT 2008

I'm sending this again but I ended up sending it before I subscribed, so I
thought it would deny it.

Sorry, that this is a clone of a message on the Samba list, but I was told
> that technical would be a better list to talk on for Samba 4.
> I keep following the Wiki for Samba 4, and I find Group Policy as it
> states, but when I try to create a new list or edit a new list, it says
> network path not found, but under Policies, it seems to make new directories
> with all kinds of numbers and stuff, which I believe is normal.
> Do I need to do some chmoding or something? Samba 4 does do somewhat of a
> group policy right? I mean, why else would the Wiki say so, if not?
> I heard since TP5, it supported Group Policy, and I'm using Alpha 3, well
> that's what the SVN version says.
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> "Let God be with you."

"Let God be with you."

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