PATCH samba cache and read-ahead

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Fri Jan 4 11:28:51 GMT 2008

Amin Azez schrieb:
> * Jeremy Allison wrote, On 03/01/08 17:40:
>> On Thu, Jan 03, 2008 at 11:07:04AM +0000, Amin Azez wrote:
>>> but INFO_LEVEL seems to suggest something else not from the same range
>>> that the TRANSCAT2_* opcodes occupy.
>>> Nothing seems to be making use of the INFO_LEVEL_IS_UNIX macro (not that
>>> smb caching is restricted to Unix anyway)
>>> In short, I'm not able to be certain which TRANS2 sub command range I
>>> can use, please could you offer some advice?
>>> And should I use multiple TRANSACT2 sub opcodes, or make some sub-sub
>>> opcodes do you think?
>> Check out include/trans2.h in S3, and also the header files in cifsfs.
>> Currently that's where the allocations in this range are being done.
> trans2.h there didn't reveal much more than in S4, but I found:
> which indicated that 0x200-0x2FF reserved range are from the same
> sequence as the obviously TRANS sub-ops like TRANSACT2_* so I guess that
> is the reserved range being spoken of.
>> It's not formal right now, so please coordinate with myself and Stevef
>> to get an allocation.
> There is nothing unix-specific about the caching and compression proxy
> operations, but it looks like 0x200-0x2FF is the only reserved range
> that has someone nearby who can allocate numbers -
> So... Steve and Jeremy; please would you allocate me one TRANS2
> sub-opode in the range 0x200-0x2FF which can be used for calls between
> caching proxies.

Maybe better allocate 2 numbers one for read and one for write...

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