provisioning member server for vampire

Douglas VanLeuven roamdad at
Fri Feb 29 14:22:30 GMT 2008

Can't add "member server" because the script aborts with null reference
when no match on serverrole.  This is fixed by checking for the keyword
 "member server".

diff --git a/source/scripting/python/samba/
index 55935b0..e9aded2 100644
--- a/source/scripting/python/samba/
+++ b/source/scripting/python/samba/
@@ -830,7 +830,7 @@ def provision(lp, setup_dir, message, paths,
         message("Setting up smb.conf")
         if serverrole == "domain controller":
             smbconfsuffix = "dc"
-        elif serverrole == "member":
+        elif serverrole == "member server":
             smbconfsuffix = "member"
         setup_file(setup_path("provision.smb.conf.%s" % smbconfsuffix),
                    paths.smbconf, {
diff --git a/source/setup/ b/source/setup/

At this point, I was able to join the domain and the entry has been
created in PDC AD.  But I can't ping winbind and none of wbinfo's
options are completing.  What am I missing?

After that prerequisite, swat "install from windows" comes up with the
error "workgroup 'FOREST' in smb.conf must match chosen domain '(null)'"
but the chosen domain was in fact filled in as FOREST.

The in source/setup doesn't seem to work at all.  I invoked
it as "bin/smbpython FOREST".
The error is "global name 'Credentials' is not defined" and if I add
"from credentials import Credentials" then the error is "AttributeError:
'Credentials' object has no attribute 'set_machine_account'"

Am I jumping the gun on vampire?  I provisioned a DC from scratch just
fine and browsed with phpldapadmin, although I can't remember now if I
exercised wbinfo.

Regards, Doug

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