Revamp of libsmbclient

Derrell Lipman derrell.lipman at
Thu Feb 28 19:10:29 GMT 2008

Reference the clean-up of libsmbclient that I've been discussing...

This patch is large, so I suspect viewing the patch itself won't be
useful.  You can pull from the us2: /data/git/derrell/samba3 repository.
You'll want the libsmbclient-reorg branch.
Note that only minimal change was required to a few
of the example applications and no change was required to other applications
for them to work with this new libsmbclient, although they did of
course require recompiling since this is not ABI compatible.

As noted in the commit message, this patch doesn't yet handle the
authentication function changes (and I believe I'll be able to have a
backward-compatibility mode for those so that user apps won't require
changes to their auth functions).

I'd really like to do this change.  Maintaining the status quo means
that libsmbclient will be almost entirely in a bug-fix maintenance
mode, but taking this opportunity, during a major version number
change, to upgrade the interface to something that is then easily kept ABI
compatible in the future allows for more features to be added.
Yes it will cause the distros a bit of work and I understand the
resistance, but forever maintaining code that's not easily and cleanly
extended is, to me, the wrong thing to do.

Awaiting the cries of agony.  Please take a look and provide comments.



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