Probably easy question about 4 node CTDB

ronnie sahlberg ronniesahlberg at
Thu Feb 28 00:25:20 GMT 2008


On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 11:02 PM, Michael Gasch <gasch at> wrote:
> hi,
>  i'm in the process of migrating our 4 node linux-ha/gpfs/samba3
>  "ha-cluster" into ctdb for performance reasons and to ease manageability.
>  just a few basic questions:
>  - all nodes should have the same smb.conf (incl. the same shares) except
>  of different netbios names to balance load, right (DNS-RR has to be
>  configured, of course)?
No they should have the same name.   they will act and behave as one
single server.

>  - "bind interface only" should not be used?
Correct, you dont want this   since you want smbd to listen on
  so that it can handle when ip addresses are added/removed from the

>  - will public_addresses-file accept bonded interfaces?

>  - all nodes must be joined to the domain separately?
No,  ctdb samba acts as one single server   so you only join the first
node to the domain.
the other nodes are the "same" server so they share the same secrets.tdb

>  - private dir has to be on GPFS - should there be subdirs for each node
No   private dir is stored locally and then shared by ctdb as a
"persistent" database

>  or will they share the *same* tdbs (secrets.tdb, locking.tdb ...)?
CTDB will "share" these tdbs so that it looks the same on all nodes

>  - idmap backend has to be tdb2, so rid won't work?
It has to be tdb2 for performance reasons.

>  - if so: can winbindd tdbs (rid-tdbs, caching) be moved off the
>  clustered FS? due to sid2uid algorithm they don't have to be shared,
>  don't they?
Dont know. It nothing we test. we only use and test tdb2
Try it and see if it works.

>  - any special advice on dfs? can all nodes be configured to be the dfs-root?
>  could not find that information in the wiki, thus questioning...
>  thx in advance!
>  i'm ready :)

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