Probably easy question about 4 node CTDB

Michael Gasch gasch at
Wed Feb 27 12:02:13 GMT 2008


i'm in the process of migrating our 4 node linux-ha/gpfs/samba3 
"ha-cluster" into ctdb for performance reasons and to ease manageability.

just a few basic questions:
- all nodes should have the same smb.conf (incl. the same shares) except 
of different netbios names to balance load, right (DNS-RR has to be 
configured, of course)?
- "bind interface only" should not be used?
- will public_addresses-file accept bonded interfaces?
- all nodes must be joined to the domain separately?
- private dir has to be on GPFS - should there be subdirs for each node 
or will they share the *same* tdbs (secrets.tdb, locking.tdb ...)?
- idmap backend has to be tdb2, so rid won't work?
- if so: can winbindd tdbs (rid-tdbs, caching) be moved off the 
clustered FS? due to sid2uid algorithm they don't have to be shared, 
don't they?
- any special advice on dfs? can all nodes be configured to be the dfs-root?

could not find that information in the wiki, thus questioning...

thx in advance!
i'm ready :)

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