[PATCH] Add variable to define if a share should be hidden.

David Collier-Brown davecb at sun.com
Tue Feb 26 16:31:19 GMT 2008

Andreas Schneider wrote:
> David Collier-Brown wrote:
>>  A janitorial question: are not the variables the opposites
>> of each other, so browseable = no means the same as hidden = yes?
>>  If so, and if someone created a share called "foo$", then we
>> could set the variable by default, and report it in testparm
>> as whichever of browseable = no or hidden = yes makes sense.
>>  Otherwise we risk creating two disjoint variables with overlapping 
>> semantics, which will look bizzare to anyone
>> trying to figure out which to use... and they they'll get it
>> wrong!
> Doing a 'smbclient -L //service':
> 'browseable = No' means, that it will not get listed.
> 'browseable = Yes' means, that it gets listed
> 'hidden = Yes' means that the share is of the type 
> STYPE_DISKTREE_HIDDEN. You will see the share if you call 'smbclient -L 
> //machine'. Just do it on a machine you have Samba running. You will 
> notice that IPC$ gets listed, which is of type STYPE_DISKTREE_HIDDEN.

Can you expand on this just a bit?  I interpret you as saying that
MS returns information about shares, but marks ones ending in $ as
STYPE_DISKTREE_HIDDEN, so browsers can decide to show/not show them.

Do they have anything like browseable = No, or do they _always_ return
all shares?

If so, the two variables don't overlap, and it's merely tricky code,
nothing new for MS (;-))

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