[PATCH] smbget : enable update and various cleanup

neologix at free.fr neologix at free.fr
Sun Feb 24 19:50:17 GMT 2008

Here's a patch that adds an --update option to smbget, so that it will only
download files if the source is newer than the local copy, or if the file is
missing. I've added this because it allows me to do backups of all my samba
shares very simply, without having to re-download every file.
Also, in the case of guest login, instead of using a void username, it now uses
"guest", since void didn't work with vista but "guest" does. I also tried with
windows < vista, and it seems to work.
Finally, I made a lot of cleanups: I wrote a separate header, removed some
unnecessary global variables, etc.
If this patch is accepted, it would be nice if someone could update the manpage
for the --update option and the Makefile for the new header.

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