QUERY_PATH_INFO what? what? what? what? what? what?

ronnie sahlberg ronniesahlberg at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 01:55:18 GMT 2008

Yes.   that is the beauty of object oriented programming.
You have a class that reads the full info.   then you create a
subclass to read each component of the full info, each subclass calls
the parent class to read it all and then just return the single item
Finally you have an application that needs all info and collects it by
calling the "single item" subclass one at a time until it has gotten
all of them.

The redirector likes to do a lot of singlethreaded QFI and QPI info.
Thats why there is such a good market for cifs wan accelerators :-)

I have encountered sites where it takes ~30-40 seconds from when you
rightclick a file until the popup dialog shows up thanks to this.
That is pretty painful :-)

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 10:22 PM, Amin Azez <azez at ufomechanic.net> wrote:
> After double clicking on the shortcut to open the file I get the most
>  amazing display of seeming client forgetfulness:
>  7 times the windows XP client will do QUERY_PATH_INFO on the same parent
>  folder. (Along with 7 sets of WAN latency).
>  4 times it will do QUERY_PATH_INFO on the file being opened.
>  That's 8 seconds gone before it even opens the file
>  I wonder why it keeps repeating the QUERY_PATH_INFO.
>  Anyone know anything about this?
>  Attached is a vfs_cifs backend trace of opening a remote file from
>  clicking a desktop shortcut (which is a nice way to avoid all
>  explorer.exe's inquisitive calls)
>  The XP client is
>  The single VFS CIFS proxy is
>  The KDC and share server is
>  the subnets are WAN VPN'd with a latency between the two subnets is 53ms
>  It's and 19 seconds (at the close response) before the file displayed,
>  but some of the intervening operations VFS PROXY will do up-front when a
>  file is opened and cache the result, so thats no problem I hope.
>  Sam

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